Landlord & Tenant Matters

Landlord & Tenant Matters

Almost everyone in Brampton, Ontario can tell you that the relationship between landlords and tenants can be tense and prone to disagreement at times which will can lead to a dispute that requires intervention with the landlord and tenant board. Many of these disagreements can be prevented or even settled amicably and professionally if you involve a paralegal to act on your behalf.
Ucentric Paralegal services, based in Brampton, Ontario, will actively look out for all your needs and protect you from any legal exposure that might happen when you appear in front of the landlord and tenant board and try to find a solution to your problem that can be resolved quickly and amicably, when possible. My services will be an effective advocate regardless if you are a tenant or landlord.

The following are some of the reasons that should lead you to choose Ucentric Paralegal as your paralegal service:


High standards of professionalism

Ucentric Paralegal service believes in efficiency and hard work ethic that will help you relax whiled everything is handled to your satisfaction. I will be working with you and submit every document that is needed by the landlord and tenant board in a timely manner. My work will be of high quality and this will prevent any minor sideshows that might distract the landlord and tenant board and make them favor the other party.



My cumulative experience and expertise will no doubt help you present a cohesive and compelling argument when it is your turn to appear before the landlord and tenant board. In the end, my expertise will be a huge factor in making the board rule in your favour.

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